Click on a Frequently Asked Question below to find an answer.  If you need more information, or need to place an order, call us at 847-813-5552.

What is your minimum print order?

Our minimum print order is $40. 

How do I get a price for a print order?

Find the item you want in our apparel section, then fill out the Request a Quote form and we will get back to you within one business day.

Can I see a proof before printing?

Yes, we will email a mockup before printing that will include all the print details.

How long will it take to print my order?

Standard turnaround is 5 working days plus shipping.

Do you offer payment terms?

We do not.   Payment is due prior to shipment of your order.

Do you offer embroidery?

Yes, we do!

What is the standard imprint area?


Do you have a print color chart?

Yes, right here: Print Color Chart.

How long will the shipping take?

Our warehouse is in Des Plaines, IL, a suburb of Chicago.   Below is a shipping map with approximate ship times across the country.

Shipping Map

What is a vector graphic?

A vector graphic is a image created by mathematically calculated lines and shapes.  Because it is created with math, and not raw pixel data, vector graphics can scale to any size.  Vector graphics are ideal for our t-shirts and other printed materials because they have the highest amount of clarity possible.  

If you need help creating vector graphics from scratch or turning your current digital art into a vector, we have a full service art department that can help every step of the way.  Call us at 847-813-5552 to discuss the art for your screen printed project.